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Why Embrace the FFICM?

February 17, 2018

​If your one of the chosen few who has the pleasure of training in ICM (tongue firmly in cheek), or just a glutton for punishment who is eligible to apply then the FFICM is on your must do list.


With the knowledge that completion is mandatory then I would say the best approach is find a time in your life when its not impossible and then fully embrace it. 


Undoubtedly, it's a hassel, its expensive, your probably more tired now than when you did your last exams, you may even have children or enjoyable time consuming hobbies, it's the last thing you want to do when all your colleagues have celebrated doing there last professional exam ever. 


However as annoying as it is, the old adage that your first chance at passing is your best chance, is probably true. More vitally, this time in your life is too important to waste by repeating this over and over. Having revised for and completed the FFICM I honestly feel my relevant clinical knowledge was better than before embarking upon the exam and this has only got to be good for patient care and the credibility of our specialty.


As much as nobody likes an exam other specialties have exit exams to prove that they have the knowledge to provide expert opinions. So embrace the pain and read and learn about stuff that matters to you and your patients, become the expert you want to be, and hopefully that will be enough to pass the exam.


Remember by this stage you know most of it already, its just time to refresh and fill in the gaps....



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