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February 17, 2018


​Currently includes 30 single best answers (SBAs) and 60 Multiple True/False questions, it lasts 3 hours and cost £470 (depending when your reading this this may have changed).


You have a maximum of six attempts to pass and a pass lasts 3 years. The tricky part about SBAs is that you get four points for a correct answer and no points for an incorrect answer and often you can whittle them down to two reasonable choices. The MCQs are slightly more straightforward at a mark per correct answer.


Of Note from January 2019, the MCQ exam will change to include 50 Multiple True/False questions and 50 single best answers over 3 hours which might make it harder.


The FICM website states this about the content of the MCQ


‘the examination tests breadth of factual knowledge in the areas of science applied to clinical practice including resuscitation and initial management of the acutely ill patient; diagnosis, assessment, investigation, monitoring and data interpretation; disease management; therapeutic interventions and organ support; perioperative care; comfort and recovery; end of life care; paediatric care; transport; patient safety and health systems management.' 


This is a clinical exam in the same way that the final FRCA is much more clinical than the primary FRCA for those of you who have completed that. There is a requirement to have background scientific knowledge but there is also data interpretation and clinical components making it more relevant to daily practice.


There are a three example questions on the FICM website that give some idea of the sorts of questions you may be asked. See here and here

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