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Obstetric Critical Care

The process of care of the critically ill Obstetric Patient

New document fully endorsed by the ICS, FICM, RCOA, RCOG from 2018 regarding care of the critically ill women in childbirth; enhanced maternal care

Of particular note a chapter on the acutely ill pregnant women in the general ITU. This document looks at the process and responsibilities of those looking after theses patients in critical care.

It highlights that critical care doctors should be able to deliver excellent resuscitation of the bleeding obstetric patient

PACT: Obstetric Critical Care

The PACT resources for ESICM are very good resources fro the clinical management of presentations in critical care. For ESICM Members there are interactive links. This is a pdf version without links freely available online.

This resource covers presentations and management of Obstetric Critical Care. At 65 pages- although its a fairly quick skim read its probably more than you ever need to know.

Difficult Airway Society Guidelines for the mangement of the DIfficult Obstetric Airway

DAS guidelines for Obstetric Anaesthesia and failed intubation.

Good to have clear guidelines for this situation. In practice having a healthy respect for the obstetric airway but not to let any fear of it impair your performance. 

MBRRACE- Triannual maternity mortality report published 2017

The executive summary is an essential read for anaesthetic exams and should be for FFICM. This gives an understanding of the causes of direct and indirect maternal death.

There is a short executive summary that is worth reading. 

Cardiac disease remains the leading cause of indirect maternal death.

Thrombosis and thromboembolism remain the leading cause of  direct maternal death.

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Resuscitative hysterotomy from essentials of emcrit 2018

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