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This is a FOMed project to provide resources to help you to revise for the new intensive care exam in the uk

The FFICM exam


[or simply a way to keep uptodate with whats going on in FOAMed for critical care ]

Over time we aim to link the awesome and relevant free online medical education out there to the FFICM curriculum. Allowing you to cover key topics  from the experts and enthusiasts and keep uptodate with the latest evidence via podcasts and vodcasts without spending all your time in a text book

The resources section should provide links to relevant articles and guidelines for when a podcast isn't enough


FOAMed resources we have or intend to link to are from the likes of EMcrit, Critical Care Reviews, The Resus RoomMastering Intensive Care, Traumacast, Intensive Care Network, SMACC, ED ECMO, CRACKcast, St Emlyn's, Critical Care SymposiumIntensive Care SocietyThe Ultrasound Podcast, and Emergency Medicine Cases to name a few

These peeps have created amazing content for the FOAMed community so get visiting their websites, following their twitter and influence the content coming out in the comments section

Keep your eye out for updates from @FFICMrevision and come and visit


We are under development so let us know what you want and need